Our Priorities


Our business philosophy is to provide first class service to our business and personal clients, saving them time, stress, and the most money possible.


Our office is conveniently located downtown, opposite the Mall, on the shuttle route, so you can be transported without the hassle of driving or looking for parking.

Impressive Expertise

Our expertise in tax mitigation and excellent customer service continues to generate an impressive referral rate which grows our client list.


We ensure timely processing of preparation and submission of financial and tax reports, compliant with the federal and local tax requirements.

Need Tax or Payroll Support?

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Here's What We Offer...

Tax Preparation

At Ketchikan Tax Solutions, we care about YOU, the hard-working Alaskan. Bottom line is we know how much people hate doing taxes, so we make it easy.

Bookkeeping Support

Making errors in your payroll can cost your small business. We offer an easy solution for all your small business payroll and payroll tax needs.

IRS Debt Resolution

If you’ve received a notice from the IRS about a tax audit, you’re probably feeling a bit dizzy right now. Please contact us so we can help you get organized.

StartUp Tax Guidance

Starting a business is a huge commitment. You don't always appreciate the significant amount of time, resources, and energy needed for startup. We can help.

Meet Our Professionals


CEO/Lead Tax Consultant


Tax Consultant


Tax Consultant


Tax Consultant
"They were friendly and explained each and every part of the exercise.
Very expert services. Moderate pricing.
My tax headaches simply faded as a result of the expert advice and services received.


  1. Proof of Residency (annually for Children and Dependents)
  2. Social Security Card (1st Visit)
  3. Birth Certificate (1st Visit)
  4. Medical Information/Statement
  5. All Income Forms:
    • W2's (Wages),
    • W2G's (Gambling Wages),
    • 1099-E (Unemployment),
    • 1099-R (Retirement)
    • 1099 Div (Dividends)
    • 1099 Int (Interest)
    • 1099 SSA (Social Security)
  6. AK PFD Statements